*This snake is amazing!  Thanks a lot of being such a great help in this sale. When I'm in the market for a new snake, I'll come to you first!
Windsor, On

*Dear Darren,
I wanted to once again express our appreciation for the wonderful presentation you made today for the children of our Bible camp.  Everyone felt that you were very professional and responsible in your explanation of the beautiful creatures to which you introduced us. The children thoroughly enjoyed every moment. I wanted you to know how great an achievement it was that our minister not only touched the snake you held at the end of the show but then continued to pet it for several seconds.  I think it speaks to how well and how honest you were with your explanations. 
God bless you for doing your part in teaching and caring for God's creatures.
Karen MacNaull
St. John's United Church
Co-director Vacation Bible School

*Hi Darren,
Just wanted to thank you again for the great display on Monday, the kids have been talking about it all week.
Looking forward to seeing you again next summer.
Thanks Again
Brockville, Ontario

​*Hey Darren  - just wanted to thank both of you for making our daughter's birthday extra special this year, both adults & kids had a blast.
Spencerville, Ontario

*A Big Thank you!
The Beavers and the parents alike TOTALLY LOVED the show!
Even one little girl (Her brother is a Beaver) who was intimidated by snakes in particular seemed to be a whole lot more relaxed when she saw the snakes YOU brought!!! That in itself speaks volumes! ALL who attended last night were thrilled by the show, judging by the number of "Thank you's" I received by the parents as they were leaving.
Thanks again,
72ND St. marks Beavers and Cubs​

*I'm so excited about my new pet cornsnake, Chakra!  She is lovely and we are getting to know each other! Thank you again for all your help and encouragement!
Thanks a million,
Ottawa, Ontario

They got here and are in perfect shape.  (Hognose Snakes)  They are a lot bigger then I thought they would be.
Keep writing those excellent articles for Reptiles!
Thanks again,

*I picked her up today (Volcano Corn) and she is absolutely beautiful! Thank you so much.
Hamilton, Ontario

*Hi Darren,
Just wanted to let you know that Ming (Emperor Scorpion) is doing well and he is hillarious. This little fat sausage with tiny claws, he is already getting use to being handled and is a real sweetie.  Thanks so much he is wonderful.

Thanks for another great show! I enjoyed your website too and will recommend it to the parents of my students.
Joy Forbes
St. Elizabeth Ann Seton School, Nepean

* The geckos are great! They seem to like their new home, which they explored thoroughly last night.
Thank you very much!

*Thanks so much for all your efforts!
Super Pet Petfest Coordinator
Ottawa SuperEX

​*Hey Darren,
Wonderful snakes! The Ball python shed on the way home. I am an active member of www.reptilerooms.com and I will recommend you whenever anyone is looking for a breeder here in Ontario.
Kingston, Ontario

*A huge "thank you" for bringing your great display to the Gloucester Fair again this year. It is a real crowd pleaser. The variety and cleanliness of your displays as well as the time you spend explaining and demonstrating makes The Reptile Rainforest an asset to the fair.
Patricia Clark
Gloucester Fair

*I bought Ruby from The Reptile Rainforest in the summer of 2005 and I could not be more pleased.  She is a beautiful volcano corn snake.  I have learned to completely trust the reptile rainforest to provide healthy reptiles to its customers. 
She was bought as a baby and is now almost 24 inches long.  She is easy to handle and a good eater!
Osgoode, Ontario

* Darren,
I just wanted to thank you for the great show you gave last weekend.  The kids (and adults) really enjoyed it.  Your knowledge and "hands on” approach really made it a great afternoon.
I will look forward to referring you and the Reptile Rainforest!
Kars, Ontario

*The attached photos kind of get the point across *THAT* is one happy young lady! Thanks again for everything, and all the best in the future!
David and Yasmin

*On behalf on Stormont, Dundas & Glengarry County Library, I would like to thank you for your participation in our Children’s Spring Festival. Your reptiles & amphibians were captivating. Your presentation was immensely enjoyed by both children and parents. It was quite informative. We had approximately 200 children participate.
Keep up the wonderful work and we look forward to your continued participation.
Cornwall, On​

*Hi Darren,
Just wanted to thank you again for a great show on Saturday.  The kids had fun, and my son is still raving about it.  I got the pile of cards you left, and will put some up at the boys' schools.  I've already told several of the parents about it as well.
Thank you again for a most enjoyable show!
Kanata, ON

​*I just wanted to give you an update on my Crested Gecko. I believe she’s a girl since there is still no bump under her tale. Currently her colors are chocolate brown along her spine and bright orange on stomach and sides.  She seems to be a Dalmatian / Tiger morph (at the moment).  I don’t have current pictures yet.  She an active little bugger and will jump at the camera lens before I can get a shot.  As soon as I can get a decent shot, I’ll send one over. 
Oh! She is also definitely a hunter!  I was lucky enough to see her nose dive on a cricket.  It was pretty sweet to see. 
Ottawa, Ontario

*I really like your demonstration for the kids they are still talking about it.
Thanks again
Ottawa, Ontario

*Hi. I just want to let you know that my little albino girl (Ball Python) ate a f/t rat pinky yesterday.  I am so happy.  She is doing very well. All the little snakes that I have gotten (3) have done very well.  They are growing like weeds and are quite good eaters on f/t rats. Thanks for doing such a good job with them.  I will highly recommend you to anyone that I know wants to buy good stock.
Ottawa, Ontario

*Thank you so much for making the party a huge success!  The kids were still talking about the reptiles and filling in the latecomers on what they missed.  A fan faves were the blue tongued skink and that boa. 
Thanks again, Darren.  You made the party very special and even today the kids are still talking about you and the animals you brought.
Ottawa, Ontario

*Hey Darren,
An update on the little one: she's doing great!  Her colouring is Fabulous with a capital "f". She already likes to sit out on her climbing vines in the evenings and watches TV with the crew. Or, more likely that she's watching the crew watch TV. 
She's eaten a couple times now - like a champ. She's named herself Matilda.
Thanks for the great snake.
Ottawa, ON

I get so many compliments on his lovely colors and beautiful black borders :)
Okeetee Cornsnake
Sudbury, Ontario

*Thank you so much!
To The Reptile Rainforest for showing us the cool insects, amphibians and reptiles!
Madison Montessori Academy

*I just wanted to let you know what an excellent job you do during your shows for children. I have seen several of your shows as a camper, and as staff at Rideau Hill Camp as well as when I was working at a day camp program in Merrickville. The children were absolutely captivated. I just wanted to thank you for doing such an amazing job. It is a very valuable topic to be educating children about, and thay absolutely love it. Whenever we told the children that you guys were coming that's all they could talk about! Thanks so much!
Cayleigh Milne-Keeley

*Kemptville, ON*Rocky (leopard gecko) is now twice as big as when I got him from you in August!
Thanks again,

​*Hi Darren,
Thank you so much for rescuing our snakes today! We all feel better now that they're playing in the rocks instead of in our well.
Oxford Station, On

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